Nacho Daddy


Nacho Daddy
9925 S Eastern
Henderson, NV 89074

Hours of Operation

Sunday-Thursday 11AM - 10PM
Friday-Saturday 11AM - 11PM


702 462 5000





The tale of Nacho Daddy began long ago in the small town of Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas. Little Nacho was born in a corn field under the golden sun to doting parents who instilled in their little chip the love of fresh seafood and spicy ingredients. Living close to the Louisiana border and the Gulf Coast, Nacho's mom would spend long hours in the kitchen using only the freshest of ingredients to make hearty salsa and thick, creamy avocado dip. Nacho had an idyllic chip childhood. His best friends were the Hot Peppers and the Chips, and everyday they would run and play in the warm sun . Nacho grew up with a great desire to become the crispiest and tastiest of all of his chip friends. In his quest for the perfect tastiness and crispness, Nacho would soak himself in his Mom's delectable dips as he basked all day in the sun. Soon, chips from all around came to admire Nacho's chip perfection.

Nacho Daddy

Happy Hours

Everyday - 3 PM thru 6 PM

Drinks$1.95 PBR $3.00 bud and bud light draft or bottle
Drinks$3 Wells and More
FoodHalf Off Appetizers


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